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Ask a Pathologist: Skin Biopsies

When your doctor biopsies your skin, he or she sends it to a pathologist, a specialist with deep expertise diagnosing diseases such as skin cancer. By looking at cells from your biopsy under the microscope, and by considering other factors in your medical history, the pathologist issues your pathology report. Dr. Leilani Valdes, MD, FCAP, a pathologist with a subspecialty in dermatologic pathology, answers related questions from patients.

Dr. Valdes explains what it means when your pathology report describes your skin biopsy results as “inconclusive.”
When awaiting the results of a skin biopsy, we may worry. Pathologist Dr. Valdes shares perspectives on skin cancers and biopsy results to help you understand and navigate the diagnostic process.
The pathology report says the mole is benign. But how can you be sure it’s not cancer? Dr. Valdes has the answer.
I’m I going to get skin cancer? Here’s what you need to know from pathologist Dr. Valdes.