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Share Your Story

See the stories of patients who’ve attained peace of mind or the certainty of a specific diagnosis from a pathologist and, where needed, been set on the right course for recovery.

Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Has a pathologist made a positive difference to your diagnosis and/or treatment?

We’d love to hear about it.

Knowledge Is Power for Breast Cancer Survivor

When Martina Wood received a diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer, she wanted answers to her questions about the disease and how to best move forward with her treatment.

From Skin Cancer Diagnosis to Peace of Mind

When a large, suspicious-looking zit popped up on Jolean Olson’s left cheek, a pathologist performed a biopsy and rendered a diagnosis that helped Jolean make the best treatment decisions for herself and her family.

Genetic Testing

Lisa Aaronson experienced repeated miscarriages and was desperate for an explanation. Her doctor suggested genetic testing.