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Learn how pathologists are using their diagnostic expertise to advance health care and the practice of medicine for the benefit of patients.

Latest News
According to the American Red Cross, every two seconds someone in the US needs blood. Unfortunately, this constant need isn’t always met with a constant supply of blood donors as many are afraid or have questions about donating.
For the second year in a row, there has been an unprecedented spike in pediatric cases of RSV earlier in the year than anticipated. Learn more about what RSV is and how you can keep you and your family healthy.
A particularly bad strain of flu circulating this year could wreak havoc on immune systems dulled by COVID prevention measures. Learn why pathologists are encouraging everyone to get the flu shot.
With fall comes pumpkin spice, sweaters, and sneezes. CAP President Dr. Emily Volk spoke with GoodDay D.C. on tips to for tackling COVID during the common allergy season.
Over the summer, monkeypox joined COVID-19 as a virus of concern and shows no signs of slowing down this fall. Knowing the basic facts on monkeypox—how the virus spreads and its telltale symptoms—can help you and your loved ones avoid infection.

Early studies indicating saliva as a better detector for COVID have led to the social-media-fueled trend of using nasal swabs to collect throat samples for testing. However, the US Food and Drug Administration advises using tests as instructed for consumer safety and accurate results.

The COVID Vaccine: Building Trust in the Black Community

Some in the Black community are reluctant to get the COVID vaccine because of an ugly past of clinical experimentation targeting this population. Black pathologist Valerie Fitzhugh, MD, FCAP, tells her story of why she participated in a vaccine trial and is urging others to get vaccinated.

While quick at-home tests for COVID-19 are hailed as a major convenience and a smart way to protect loved ones, they’ve also raised a significant challenge for public health officials in terms of comprehensive case tracking, as many consumers don’t report home test results.

Pathologists are the physicians unlocking the scientific mysteries of your body at the cellular level, helping your doctor provide you with the best care.