Your Diagnosis

Effective treatment begins with the right diagnosis.

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Reading Your Pathology Report

A pathology report may not always be the easiest information to comprehend, but don’t worry. In this video, pathologist Carey August, MD, FCAP, explains what a patient should know about the information recorded on their pathology report.

Following a Tissue Sample

Reva McClain’s breast cancer diagnosis began with the examination of her tissue under the microscope, but it didn’t end there. See how a team of medical experts rely on the pathologist’s knowledge of the genetic secrets of the tumor to determine the most effective therapy for patients.

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Whole Exome Sequencing: When It's Your Son Getting Tested

Linda Bennett took her son Dustin to several doctors to find the cause of his sporadic, jerking spasms. After years of medications and hospital stays, a specialist recommended that Dustin undergo whole exome sequencing. Listen to Linda discuss their experience.

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